Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is an open-membership organization creating student awareness of Clemson Alumni Association services and how it can positively impact the student experience.

SAA is a way for undergraduate students to enhance their experience while at Clemson University. SAA provides a way to connect and foster a lifelong bond with Clemson. By making the yearly gift ($20 initially, $10 each year after) back to Clemson University as a student, SAA members establish a lifetime of service and connection with our institution.

Each semester, SAC hosts the Ring Ceremony to honor those Clemson students who will receive their rings. Highlighted by the history of the ring as told by Dr. Jerry Reel, and a heroic tale of the worth of the ring as told by Col. Ben Skardon (above), the Ring Ceremony is one of Clemson’s most coveted traditions.


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For more information,
Contact Stewart Summers.

Phone: (864) 656-2345

Clemson Alumni Center
109 Daniel Drive
Clemson, SC 29631