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Class of 2002

*   Gregory and Connie Abbott
13   Erin Adkins
13   Mason and Holly Ailstock
1   James and Kristin Allen
*   Mary Carol Anderson
13   Stephen and Shannon Anderson
3   Holli Armstrong
1   Charles and Lani Barber
2   Stuart and Courtney Barber
15   Jacob and Rita Barker $$
2   Bryan and Monica Berry
1   Jainath S. Bhashyam CC
2   Jim and Elizabeth Bickley
10   Mark Biesecker CC
1   James and Jennifer Bihl UC
1   Bryan and Eleanor Blackwood ST
2   Paul and Linda Bleckley CC
2   Charles and Erin Bopp $$
7   Justin and Sherry Bouknight CC
1   Josh Branham CC
2   Dustin and Kristen Braun
2   Eric and Callie Cable
8   Alberto Camacho CC
*   Ben and Kate Canterbury
13   Tory and Catherine Cappiello CC
1   Ethan and Kallan Carbaugh
13   Anthony J. Cerciello CC
2   Toby and Caroline Chappell
14   Christopher and Susan Clapp CC
13   Amy Finley CC
1   Lindsey Clark CC
7   Chris and Kelly Collins CC
13   Kevin Cress
13   David and Lib Crockett $$
1   Tim Cromer
1   Matthew and Beth Cutshall
5   Msiba Dalton ST
13   Natikki Dawkins ST
1   Michael and Nicole DeBeliso
1   Bryan and Georgia Devore
3   Brandon and Pamela Dierker
13   Christine Noelle and Allison Dietrich
1   Kevin and Carolyn Donald
*   Amber H. Dorman
2   Stephen E. Dozier
8   Ryan Dunagin CC
3   Jason F. Dunham
2   Brandi M. Easler
5   Matthew T. Eggerding
1   Todd and Erin Elfert
5   Antonio L. Elliott
2   Darren and Stacie Eubanks
1   Mitch and Courtney Eyster
1   Carrie L. Fam
1   Thomas and Christina Felch
1   Jeff and Jenny Fellers
1   Jeffrey and Jenny Fellers
2   Patricia A. Findley
1   Morgasn and Catherine Fore
11   Chris and Ashley Fortenberry
2   Matthew and Michelle Fox
4   Tammy L. Fox
9   Michael and Srividya Freeman CC
1   Joel D. Gardner
2   James and Renee Gibert CC
1   Beth Giddens
6   Tammy Gillespie
1   Keith M. Graham CC
2   Jason C. Greene
13   Mark and Jessica Griffin
12   James F. Gunter
2   Steven and Laura Hall
2   Ben and Blanton Halliday
6   Jonathan Halligan CC
1   Joseph B. Harper ST
13   David and Elizabeth Hassen
13   Ted H. High ST
4   Thavolia A. Hodges
15   Adam Hogan ST
1   Jon Paul R. Hooks, Sr.
2   Patrick and Karen Horne CC
4   Seth Horton ST
13   Todd and Katie Horton
2   John B. Howard UC
1   Jonathan and Anika Kim
3   Beau and Kate Hutto
2   Paul and Kyra Izzo CC
15   Bret and Cecelia Jackson
11   Joseph Jackson
2   Valerie A. Jacobs CC
15   Scott and Ashley Jaillette
7   Tripp James CC
14   Scott and Claire Jennings
4   David and Sudie Johnson
7   Barry and Christie Jones
2   Chase and Colleen Jones
13   Keith and Lindsay Jones CC
3   Cullen and Cynthia Keen ST
5   Caren C. Kelley-Hall CC
3   Trent and Kelly Kirk
13   Russell Kirkland and Juliann Kennihan ST
2   David Kochamba
9   Jeffrey and Jessica Kochiss
2   Karl J. Krull
1   Kevin and Andrea Kubach
2   Donald H. Lambert
11   Jason Leach
*   Wilson G. Lesslie
1   Wei and Ying Lin
2   Amy E. Lindler
3   Charles and Susan Lloyd
2   Michael and Amber Lunderville $$
2   Alan and Marianna Magee
1   Christopher Majka
10   Heidi Mans CC
1   Andrew and Desiree Marshall CC
2   Virginia L. McCallister
13   Sean McColgan
*   Michael and Constance McGahey
11   Rosemary McGee
13   Jamie and Erica McMillan
7   Erin McNelis
*   Vivek and Anuja Mehta
9   Burgess and Lindsay Metcalf
2   Jonah and Emma Mikutowicz
3   Sidney and Marjorie Miller
13   Kristine L. Mize-Spansky UC
4   Brent and Tonya Moore
*   Becky J. Morgan
21   Vivian Morris
13   Gregory and Constance Mumford
1   Walker and Natalia Hunter
1   Jacob and Kelley Neal
1   Rooksana Noorai
1   James and Erin O'Neal
1   Stephen and Laura Oliver
13   Oz and Amy Ostwalt CC
*   Fred and Kali Pearson $$
11   Jeffrey and Megan Pearson ST
*   Fred and Kali Pearson $$
13   Jeffrey and Megan Pearson ST
11   James and Lindsay Pharr CC
4   Melissa Phillips
2   Otis and Julie Pickett
14   Brandon and Lynn Pilgrim ST
5   Jason A. Piper CC
*   Matthew and Raina Poole UC
13   Shelley Prichard
2   John and Virginia Provost CC
13   Jay and Connelly Ragley
3   Robert and Patricia Randall $$
7   Brian and Dannette Reed UC
2   Robert and Mary Reimer
1   Josh and Lauren Reinhardt
1   Daniel and Jennifer Reynolds CC
1   Alex and Julia Rhue
*   Corwin E. Ritchie
13   Rick and Keenan Robbins
*   Frank and Jennifer Rombardo
1   Adam and Mary Beth Russell
1   Angela M. Sams
13   Paul and Jennifer Sandsted
1   Saif Sattar
4   Asheley Scott UC
1   Christopher and Ashley Semesky CC
3   Eric and Crystal Seymore
*   Timothy E. Shaw
1   Margaret P. Shuford
1   Eric and Shelley Sikes
1   Jennifer G. Singian
13   Bryn Smith
1   Matthew and Erin Smith
3   Justin and Erica Smith CC
8   Jimmy and Gretchen Steelman
1   Rob and Erin Stephenson CC
1   Jamie and Amanda Stewart
4   Charles and Heather Stone
1   Courtney J. Stoner
8   Russell and Megan Stuermann CC
*   James Sweeney ST
1   Aleksander Tamm-Seitz
2   Jeremy and Jennifer Tate
1   Eric and Beth Taylor
*   James D. Thomas
9   Megan Thomas
13   Joel and Andrea Thomason
3   Jay C. Thompson, Jr.
13   James and Beth Tolson
2   Edward and Elizabeth Tracy
3   Jeanice M. Troutman
4   Nicolas Tully
1   Jonathan and Sheila Van Bergen
13   Lauren Waesche CC
13   Scot and Rebekah Wardlaw
1   Thad H. Waters III
3   Matt and Allyson Watson
2   Joel and Leigh Wenzel
10   Wesley and Tiffany Wightman
*   Stacy W. Willbanks
6   Garland and Megan Williamson
1   Kevin and Noura Willmot
2   Leigh Wilson
4   Christine Workman
6   Zhe Zhang

Bold and Orange = Perfectly Consecutive Donors: Donors who have made an annual gift contribution every year since their Graduation.
D = Deceased during this fiscal year or gift received from estate.
The number preceding the name indicates years of consecutive giving for every year since the donor's graduation or since the beginning of the annual giving program in 1956. If you have questions about your giving record, please call 864-656-5896.
* = The Clemson Fund wishes to express its sincere appreciation to these alumni and friends for their first gift to Clemson University's academic programs.
CC = Century Club
UC = University Club
ST = Silver Tiger Club
$$ = Major Donor