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Anne M. Gwynn Trust
Breitmeier Family Charitable Lead Unitrusts
Carl A. Ouzts Revocable Living Trust
Charles H. Stone Trust
Charles Hughes Jr Liv Trust
Christopher J. Torti Revokable Trust
Comerica Charitable Trust
Craig Bridgeman Living Trust
David K & Norma T. Stokes Jr. Revocable Trust
Donna David D. Boggs Family Trust
Ernest Harrison Rhame Estate
Estate of E. Preston Earle
Estate of Margaret K Sullivan
Estate of Vimla D. Kinariwala
Farish Living Trust
FBO Mannion Family Trust
Glenn C. Smith Trust
Hallie E. Wannamaker Revocable Trust
Harriet Jackson Phelps Charitable Trust
Hendrix Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Jayvee Foundation Charitable Trust
Jeanne M. Penner Revocable Trust
Joe & Shirley Robertson Living Trust
John S. Miller Revocable Trust
Johnson Family Trust
Joyce E. Soderdahl Trust
Kinney - McNiel Grandchildren's Trust
Lee Family Trust
Leon J. Hendrix Jr. Family Trust
Marvin J Pinson Jr Trust
Meyers Charitable Family Fund
Miller Family Trust
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc
Mr and Mrs W. L. Hamiter Trust
Mr. Lee V. Manatis Declaration of Living Trust
Nalley Charitable Trust
Once For All Incorporation
Ousley Family Trust
Ragnar & Eliz Anderson Trust
Richard C & Judith K Mente Trust
Richard E. Rainwater & Darla D. Moore Unitrust
Rieker Family Trust
RKR Spendthrift Trust
Robert & Linda Gordon Trust
Samuel Joseph Boles Jr. Revocable Trust
Sander Living Trust
Sara De Coursey Ruth Trust
Sara Pellett Revocable Charitable Lead Trust
Selma Graham Lead Trust
Sheldon and Lilian Strickland Trust
Stephanie Schmidt Revocable Trust
The Burkart Family Trust
The Carson Family Revocable Trust
The Houser Family Trust
The James Mark Barnes and Mary Ellen Barnes Family Trust
The Laurens W. Floyd Jr. Trust
The Revocable Trust of Gloria Avent
US Charitable Gift Trust
W C Hall Revocable Trust
W.C. White Jr. Trust
W.Tobin Cassels III Revocable Trust
William R. Frazier Rev. Trust
William S. Yon Estate

Thank You


Bold and Orange = Perfectly Consecutive Donors: (every year since graduation)
# = Numbers indicates years of consecutive giving since the graduation or since the beginning of the annual giving program. 
* = Inaugural gift 
CC = Century Club
UC = University Club
ST = Silver Tiger Club
$$ = Major Donor 
D = Deceased during the fiscal year or gift received from estate.

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