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Clemson University students have chosen Ashby B. Bodine the Alumni Master Teacher for 2013. Bodine is professor emeritus/visiting professor in the department of animal and veterinary sciences in the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences.

“I learned to teach from observing the techniques, methods and practices of the teachers who inspired me to learn and to think critically,” said Bodine. He passes this knowledge on to his students and his teaching career has been dedicated to inspiring them.

“Teaching the next generation in a manner which inspires them to become lifelong learners is the key to the future,” said Bodine. “One cannot fail to enrich his or her own life while teaching others."

Bodine’s research has been on the biochemistry and immunology of archaic vertebrates, in particular, sharks, rays and skates. Since 2006, Team Tiburon, an interdisciplinary Creative Inquiry team mentored by Bodine, has been researching an anti-tumor protein from the bonnethead shark that has great potential for use in anti-cancer treatments, including melanoma and breast cancer. The team has presented their findings at several research conferences.

Bodine has received many honors and awards including the Godley-Snell Outstanding Agricultural Research Award, the Class of ’39 Faculty Award for Excellence, the Gamma Sigma Delta Outstanding Teacher Award, the National Scholars Program Award of Distinction and the Outstanding Teacher Award from the National Association for Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture.

The Alumni Master Teacher Award for outstanding undergraduate classroom instruction is presented to a faculty member nominated by the student body and selected by the Student Alumni Council.

Past Recipients:

1974 Dr. Louis L. Henry, English
1975 Dr. Jerome V. Reel, Liberal Arts
1976 Dr. Robert F. Nowack, Civil Engineering
1977 Col. Beverly N. Skardon, English
1978 Dr. Thomas E. Skelton, Entomology
1979 Dr. Horace Fleming, Political Science
1980 Dr. Virginia K. Laycock, Education
1981 Dr. William G. Hudson, Mechanical Engineering
1982 Dr. James T. Lazar, Agricultural Sciences
1983 Dr. Rex L. Cottle, Economics
1984 Dr. Joseph F. Dickey, Dairy Science
1985 Dr. Christopher Sieverdes, Sociology
1986 Dr. Robert W. Rouse, Accounting
1987 Dr. J. Michael McDonald, Management
1988 Dr. Eugene Bishop, Mechanical Engineering
1989 Dr. Patricia Connor-Greene, Psychology
1990 Dr. Ken Revis-Wagner, Biology
1991 Dr. J. David Woodard, Political Science
1992 Dr. Larry L. Bauer, Ag. Economics
1993 Dr. Bill Lasser, Political Science
1994 Dr. Richard L. Saunders, History
1995 Dr. Joseph A. Martini, Agronomy & Soils
1996 Dr. Bill Shain, Forestry
1997 Dr. Jerry A. Waldvogel, Biology
1998 Dr. Robert E. McCormick Economics
1999 Dr. S. Michael Kilbey II, Chemical Engineering
2000 Dr. William F. Steirer, Jr., History
2001 Dr. Denny A. Smith, Biological Sciences
2002 Dr. Dennis C. Bausman, Construction Science & Management
2003 Dr. Alton Brant, Languages
2004 Dr. Paul Anderson, History
2005 Dr. Umit Yilmaz, Landscape Architecture
2006 Dr. Marty Williams, Management
2007 Dr. Robert Kosinski, Biology
2008 Dr. Daniel K. Benjamin, Economics
2009 Dr. William Fisk, Education
2010 Dr. John R. Cummings, Biology
2011 Mrs. Mary Ann Prater, Accounting
2012 Drew Lanham, Wildlife Ecology

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